Our product based solutions draw upon our extensive material, ballistic and structural/crashworthy heritage. The Protective Group (TPG) currently has over fifty Air Worthiness Certificates with the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force. With the broadest range of technology available in the market, we are able to address the most challenging applications with proven and time tested building blocks.

TPG designs and manufactures high performance structural small arms protective solutions for aircraft carriers and surface ships. We also design and manufacture complex light weight solutions for brown-water boats.

TPG uses innovative designs and materials, providing our Warfighters state-of-the-art body armor and ensuring survivability against the latest ballistic threats. We continuously leverage our dedicated engineering team and advanced testing facilities to rapidly bring new ideas from factory to foxhole.

TPG is an industry expert in vehicle platform integration and has a history of developing, designing, and producing lightweight composite armor solutions with a focus on survivability, mobility, and lethal force protection.

At TPG, engineering excellence is in our corporate DNA. Over 50 years ago, the company was founded by an engineer who was fascinated with solving tough technical problems. Today, the majority of our senior management team is comprised of engineers, and more than 35% of our employees are engineers. All driven by taking on big challenges and solving them through innovative and imaginative engineering.