The Protective Group (TPG) guarantees the highest standards of occupational safety and health and environmental standards throughout the Organization. TPG’s Safety Program provides mandatory guidance on hazard mitigation and elimination for the well being of its employees, visitors, and community.


We believe that maintaining a safe environment leads to workforce sustainability, an engaged and productive labor force, and high employee morale.


TPG complies with the standards, rules and regulations under the OSH Act and supplementary environmental regulatory requirements. Reduction in injuries and illness is achieved by means of an intensive hazard assessment policy and recognition of industrial hygiene methodology.


TPG’s commitment to workplace safety was commended by USF Safety Florida through the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award in 2013. The award acknowledges employers who continuously improve the effectiveness of the company’s workforce safety and health management system.


In 2014 TPG attained OSHA’s Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program [SHARP] status. This achievement is awarded to companies that demonstrate an exemplary injury and illness prevention program and a culture which emphasizes a safe and healthful workplace.

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